Sunday, 20 May 2012

Long Hairstyles in 2012

To have long hair - a considerable luxury, because for them, you need a special meticulous care. Long tresses need regular moisture, as the scalp produced by the fat does not have time uniformlydistributed over the entire surface of the hair. As a result, the ends become dry, brittle, posechenny.
But at the same time, long hair - it's a whole field for the imagination, it is an opportunity every day to be different, to change, without losing femininity. Long hair make it possible to build the most daring and impossible hair , become a star party being dressed, even in the most simple little dress.

Long Hairstyles in 2012

In 2012 the fashion for long hair remains unshakeable. Stylists are always a few offer both completely different but equally attractive ideas for resolving the issue: what are the long hair up to date?
Major trends in the world of style as follows . Consistently popular negligent, as if the wind tousled hair. Gaining momentum style of "grunge", with its bold, jagged lines and tousled bangs. Latest hairstyles for long hair in a retro style, imitating the 60's and fashion "daring '90s." Not losing ground and naturalness, as embodied in the classic haircuts and uniform staining.
Great attention enjoys creative coloring , based on a combination bold. On the bright strands of hair look great juicy flashy colors such as pink. An interesting effect is the mix of black and purple tones.
fashionistas can choose from such traditional options, like a square (slightly elongated), cut CESSON or a well-known cascade. The advantage of these options is that they are suitable for almost everyone.

Various Spit continue to decorate the head beauties . Sly like a streaming weaving, intertwined in intricate patterns. With the spit, you can create an image as an impregnable royal personages, as well as a simple shepherdess.
Simple, but effective hair - high tail. It emphasizes the thickness of hair and their health. Done easily and is suitable for business meetings and leisure in a trendy club. End fashion image bangs, torn, or perfectly smooth, thick and light.
In combination with the long hair professionals are advised to wear accessories such as scarves and shawls . Colorful ribbons, laces, brooches and other jewelry can give hair a charm. In this case, we must know when to stop and not turn into a Christmas tree, lavishly decorated with toys.
Traditional angelic curls continue to create images for the young, romantic ladies. In conjunction with the soft coloring light waves give a stunning effect. What is more elaborate styling, the better. And to create such an effect will cut a ladder and big curlers.
In a fashion natural hues, smooth transitions of color. And if you're lucky winner of red hair, then you are lucky, this season copper - the main fashion trend.
New, proposed by European designers - cropped whiskey while maintaining the length of hair . Such a bold combination will have a very shocking way ladies, eager attention.
pilings options presented - is, of course, only general trends, destinations, which should not be taken literally. Simply copying a fashion of friction will not bring the desired effect. Any hairstyle looks perfect only when it is combined with the squad when it is appropriate and emphasizes the status of your curls.
It is in your hands - the main instrument of beauty - long flowing hair, from which you can create incredibly beautiful hair . I hope the advice of stylists will help you bring your ideas to life and use your beauty to the fullest.

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