Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Hair loss: causes and solutions

Every day we lose 30 to 60 hairs. This is normal. But more than 100, no! Hair loss can be explained and good news, we can even fix it! Discover the causes and solutions to hair loss. The main causes: fatigue, stress, hormonal disorder, pregnancy or psychological trauma. Your hair is it healthy? Not easy to have lost hair on the brush in the shower or on the pillow. But in case of sudden drop, you will notice it. Women tend to lose their hair on the top of the skull and patchy, sometimes delaying the detection of a problem of alopecia. Your hair grows in cycles and fall well established. The life of a hair female is about six years. Then he falls and is replaced by another. A hair follicle can give birth to twenty hairs in a lifetime. And when it's over, it's over. Moreover, according to your hair color, you will have a more or less dense hair.

Hair Fall:
Your hair took to their heels? Do not panic. It may be a drop in "season" so called because they occur at the entrance of the fall or summer. In reality these falls have generally been very tired or under great stress. You did not notice anything? This is normal. The origin of evil is to be sought in the past. It is three months earlier than decides the fate of our hair. Between fatigue and accumulated before the summer holidays boosted by the hair and the sun (and which will therefore also more likely to fall), the equation is solved. You can experience a sudden drop of hair at any time of year. Remains is to discover what event served to trigger three months earlier.

Hormones to tame:
Our hair is quite sensitive to hormones. The hormonal disorders are the leading cause of alopecia in women. This is the situation facing many young mothers who sported a mane after stunning during pregnancy, are many hair loss after childbirth or after the end of breastfeeding. The hair is sensitive to estrogen, present in large quantities during pregnancy, they fall after delivery (or menopause) and carry with your hair. Hair loss can also be significant traces of a hormonal problem. Thyroid, pituitary, androgens or prolactin may explain abnormal hair loss. This type of hormonal disorder is more common among women from the Mediterranean basin. A blood test will check the rates of these various hormones.

Solutions for a hair of your dreams

A. If you are used to lack iron like many women, it may be necessary to take a dietary supplement. There are also dietary supplements designed to improve the health of your hair. 2. Avoid stress and recover if you were particularly tired. Your dermatologist will prescribe a lotion that is applied to the hairline and increases their growth rate. 3. Like many hair falls in shampoos, women prone to hair loss often avoid too important to wash your hair . But beware, an excess of sebum on the scalp will stop hair growth. It is therefore important to have a healthy hair. 4. Improve micro-circulation to your scalp by asking your boyfriend to massage your scalp. Finally, a good excuse to be pampered. 5. Many special treatments available on the market. Kérastase offers, for example, while an anti-fall. Densifying shampoo, lotion bulbs for slowing down, densifying care and food supplements are available to fight counter hair loss.

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